#6: plans

I can’t seem to stop planning lately. I’ve never been much of a planner, more of a ‘go with the flow’ type of girl. But, lately, that’s all started changing, and I’ve got lists, budgets, ideas and, well, just plans. I guess I’m just excited about what the future holds. 

Plans are also being made for this little blog, and I have news. 

I have an exciting post coming up, that I think everyone should stay tuned for. 

Plans have started making me smile, as I see a life taking shape, that I could never have planned and the best part, is the planning is happening with someone pretty special. 

Having said all this about plans, I don’t have any plans for the weekend, apart from relaxing. And cleaning.. but tomorrow is rock paper scissors day, so let’s hope I win!

Are you a planner? What are your plans?


4 thoughts on “#6: plans

  1. not much of a planner myself, they tend to make me stressed at feel behind on something..I have life plans but in no order just thoughts that I’d enjoy accomplishing at some point. just 2 are to go to all 50 of the states in America(I’m over half way there!) and go to 2 other countries at least.

    • I know exactly what you mean, I always felt like plans were restricting and stopped you from doing things that just come up.
      Wow! Visiting all 50 states is such a good life plan, and to be half way is really cool.
      Traveling is also a great plan!
      I think life plans and goals of what you want to achieve is motivating, and also rewarding.
      Good luck with all your life plans!!

      • I’ve only been to the southern states…though when I say only my friends laugh at me and share they have been to 5 or less. haha, Some are too young to drive seeing as I’m in high school. Its been a goal of mine since I was very little though. Traveling is just so common to me since I was a toddler that not traveling would just seem weird.I wouldn’t be surprised if I, like you, planned on just visiting somewhere and living there ^.^
        and thank you!

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