# 15: The 5 before I turn 25

I’ve already spoken about plans previously in this blog and this post just shows how my thoughts on planning has changed. I now have a “before I turn 25 list”. I’ll be 23 in September, so I have 2 years for this.

1. Buy a house. This is a big one. One that I hope to tick off soon, it’s a big step. But, I want to renovate and be able to decorate. Renting has been fun, but I’m ready to settle.

2. Have a baby. Wow. I’ve just realised how big these “before 25” items are. This is something that we are hoping for sooner rather than later, but obviously. there is a lot, and I mean, a lot, to take into consideration before bringing a baby into the world, so this is just a.. it would be nice one.

3. Plant a vegie garden: I love plodding around in a vegie garden. I think it goes back to when I was a toddler and I’d eat all the snow peas and my parents would always wonder why there were NEVER any snow peas! I guess this will have to wait until we complete no.1.

4. Be more creative. I know that being creative isn’t really something that you just suddenly turn on, but I’d like to tap into my creative side a bit more. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing some of that soon.

5. Go on a road trip. I feel like I haven’t been on a good road trip for a while, mainly because we haven’t had a car since I’ve moved to Thailand.. but our car will be arriving in a couple months. (Feels like we’ve been waiting forever, but the flooding has delayed a lot of things, including car production!)

And, there you have it. The list before I turn 25. I’ll be coming back to this list when I complete them, and fill you in.

Do you have a list of things you want to accomplish before a certain age?


One thought on “# 15: The 5 before I turn 25

  1. I think that sounds like a good list. Myself, I had planned to get a baby when I was around 30-ish but things turned out different as I am a mother at 22 now. But it could not be better!

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