#19: The year I turned 19

I turned 19 at a small party in the small town I lived in, I was surrounded by the friends I had made while in Thailand. It was a great evening, and I had recently signed a contract for a year at the company I was working at, so it doubled as a celebration not only for turning 19, but also for another year in Thailand.

19 was a good year. I loved my job, I met amazing people and I realized the career path that I wanted to stay with. I wanted a business, and I wanted it to be in something along the line of education and teaching English. I started studying towards that dream by enrolling in an online degree through an Open university.

Studying online was the best, and the worst decision I made. The best because I always wanted to study again and finish a degree. But, also the worst because I really don’t have time to study!!

I was also 19 when I met Eight.

The story of how we met might have be saved for another post! Essentially we met “through friends”. Sometimes I am still shocked to think that I met Eight so young, and went through so much together.

He lived on an island, I lived on the mainland, and only had the occasional weekend off to go and visit, he only had limited holidays as well. It meant that when we first started dating we would go weeks without seeing each other and only speaking on the phone (everyday!).

I met his family after we’d only been dating for a few months, and it really kicked me into gear with having to learn Thai !! Try sitting around with your boyfriends family and not understanding a word they were saying! The only thing I understood was when Eight’s mother said on the phone “mee falang tee bahn” which translates to “we have a foreigner in our home”.

The biggest thing that happened when I was 19 was not only meeting Eight, but also I realised that I would be staying in Thailand for a long time. Maybe forever. That’s a big decision for a 19 year old.

Stay tuned for #20: The year I turned 20


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