#17: 1000 Baht business

You might remember the competition that I’m having with my husband from the post here. I thought it as about time that I updated on our progress. Eight hasn’t updated me on his figures, we are waiting until later. I think his figures would stress me out !!

I’m currently in debt to my 1000 Baht. I have spent a grand total of 2,252 Baht getting my little business off the ground… and I will have a website very very soon!! I am hoping that you will all support me (it’s a good cause?!). That means, that I must make 1,252 Baht in order to break even!

The good news is that the website is going to be amazing! And, the products I’ll be selling are a bit cute too.

You can see a small selection of the products under the page shop.

The first person to buy something will get a super cute extra thank you present inside their box !!


#5: competitions with the husband.

I love silly competitions. Maybe, it’s because I’m surprisingly competitive, not many people expect me to be as competitive as I am. It’s more the challenge I enjoy, in a good competition. Which is why my husband and I are continuously having weird competitions with each other (our friends say “weird”, we say “hilarious). You can read about our rock paper scissors competitions here.

For this competition, we’ve gone all out. We each have 1000 Baht (approximately $30 American dollars) to open a business, and make a profit. Crazy, I know. But, we are both putting everything into it. We have until the end of the year to provide each other with a full report of how we have done.

We do have a few rules, you know,  it has to be fair. So, we can’t sell anything that we own personally and say that it counts as a profit to the competition, and additional part time work doesn’t count, unless we advertised for the position by using the 1000 Baht, eg. by having fliers made.

I didn’t really think through this when I was getting all excited about the competition. My husband has an unfair advantage. Not only is he creative, he’s an amazing photographer. An amazing photographer who has never put his amazing-ness into good use… that is, until now. So, he’s already ahead of me.

So, how am I going two weeks into the competition? Not good. I still have a crisp 1000 Baht note, and a scrap piece of paper with some notes of what I could do.

I’m thinking, handmade, ebay, etsy and… well, yeah, that’s about all that’s on my paper. Not looking good.

Anyone want to help? Ideas, suggestions, assistance… I would love you forever.

I will, of course, keep you updated with how we go.