# 1

This is a blog about life, ambitions, design, life in Thailand for a western girl and things that make me smile. I’m a happy girl, living a life that I never, not in a million years, ever expected.

I was always a carefree, happy kinda girl, with big plans and big dreams. Travel was always on my mind. One day I set off to Thailand. I wanted to volunteer. I wanted to teach. I arrived as an 18 year old, young, naive and excited for an adventure. I never planned on staying. I wanted to have fun, a holiday, and then study.

I’m 22 now, still in Thailand, I’ve…

  • changed jobs 4 times
  • been on more visa runs than I care to count
  • moved house 4 times
  • gone caving
  • ate more rice than I ever thought possible
  • learnt to speak Thai
  • met amazing people
  • been to my homeland twice
  • laughed and cried, and everything in between
  • fell in love
  • settled down with my furry little family
  • married the love of my life
  • and I’ve never been happier.

I never planned on living in a foreign country. I never planned on meeting someone so special here. I never planned on marrying at 21.

It’s the things you never plan, that turn out to be the best.