Goals for August

I’ve always been a goal setter. It helps me stay focused and have something to achieve. I don’t know how I would get anywhere if I didn’t set goals. I’m very thankful for my family for encouraging me to set goals for myself and striving for more. As a result, I’m always looking to improve and do more. So, I thought I’d share my 5 goals for August, and then review them on the 1st of September:

1. Study Thai for one hour each day. 

I haven’t made the time to study Thai for a long time. Sure, I use Thai on a daily basis, but I haven’t made a conscious effort to improve my Thai. I’m not planning on studying for one hour straight, but with short sessions throughout the day, to make use of time when I might otherwise be doing nothing, eg. while traveling, cooking, and time when I’d otherwise be on the internet!

2. Finish a website I’ve been working on

I have 4 more months for the 1000 Baht business competition (you can read about that here), and I have my business idea now, and I’ve started to develop a website, and now I just need to finish it! Easier said than done, but I’m hoping that soon I can reveal it for you all to see!

3. Finish the visa application

We are in the final stages of getting everything organised for Eight’s visa application, and if you’re wondering what for, read this). And, once the visa is finalised, we can book flights!! So exciting.

4. Hand write letters

A good friend is moving back home, and we’ve promised to go back to hand written letters at least monthly (as well as Skyping!). Writing and receiving a hand written letter is so much more special then an email. It’s the simple things.

5. Go on a date (or two) with Eight

When we first got married Eight and I had Friday night date nights, but then work, studying and life started getting in the way, and so we really want to start bringing those back. Having the set date meant that we always made time for each other, and focused just on us.

Do you set goals? Do you have any goals for August?


#16: Photo Friday

Take me back here, please. This is another photo taken from our one year wedding anniversary holiday. It was the most relaxing, fun and happy holidays. This photo makes me want to go on a holiday, right now!


#14: the story of signing important documents

Eight and I signed our marriage documents a year and a half ago. That year and a half has flown by, and I can’t believe how far we have come in that time. We still laugh together about the day we signed our marriage certificate. You would hope that the day you marry the love of your life, that your day would be romantic and happy. Yes, it was a happy day.. but romantic, no, it definitely wasn’t romantic.

At least we can laugh about it.

Before we could sign the marriage papers we had to get so many different papers and documents translated into Thai, and then certified as being a true translation. This meant days of running around all over Bangkok, paying all sorts of fees, just to prove that I was free to marry.

We woke up early in the morning, and checked that we had all the documents that we needed, and left, excited for our new married life to begin. We arrived at the Amphur office (similar to a town hall, but really nothing special, more like a Government office). We waited in line, behind five or so couples waiting to get their number.

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#11: a Thai wedding

Eight and I have been married over a year now, but we haven’t had a ceremony yet. We never really wanted to have a ceremony. I’d never daydreamed of a white wedding as a kid, and, well, Eight just always assumed he would have a traditional Thai wedding. We happily signed the marriage documents and are registered as married. That was enough for us, but Eight’s family really need the wedding to truly grasp that we are married.

So, we are now planning our wedding, a year and a half after signing the papers.

I always knew weddings would be stressful to plan, but throwing in a language barrier, a different culture and 250 guests you don’t know.. it gets interesting! Very interesting.

We will have our wedding in Eight’s home town, which is a very small village, where they rarely (if ever) see a foreigner. The wedding will be very traditional, and the whole village has been invited.

I’ll keep you posted as we continue planning (don’t worry, it won’t turn into a wedding blog)!!