Goals for August

I’ve always been a goal setter. It helps me stay focused and have something to achieve. I don’t know how I would get anywhere if I didn’t set goals. I’m very thankful for my family for encouraging me to set goals for myself and striving for more. As a result, I’m always looking to improve and do more. So, I thought I’d share my 5 goals for August, and then review them on the 1st of September:

1. Study Thai for one hour each day. 

I haven’t made the time to study Thai for a long time. Sure, I use Thai on a daily basis, but I haven’t made a conscious effort to improve my Thai. I’m not planning on studying for one hour straight, but with short sessions throughout the day, to make use of time when I might otherwise be doing nothing, eg. while traveling, cooking, and time when I’d otherwise be on the internet!

2. Finish a website I’ve been working on

I have 4 more months for the 1000 Baht business competition (you can read about that here), and I have my business idea now, and I’ve started to develop a website, and now I just need to finish it! Easier said than done, but I’m hoping that soon I can reveal it for you all to see!

3. Finish the visa application

We are in the final stages of getting everything organised for Eight’s visa application, and if you’re wondering what for, read this). And, once the visa is finalised, we can book flights!! So exciting.

4. Hand write letters

A good friend is moving back home, and we’ve promised to go back to hand written letters at least monthly (as well as Skyping!). Writing and receiving a hand written letter is so much more special then an email. It’s the simple things.

5. Go on a date (or two) with Eight

When we first got married Eight and I had Friday night date nights, but then work, studying and life started getting in the way, and so we really want to start bringing those back. Having the set date meant that we always made time for each other, and focused just on us.

Do you set goals? Do you have any goals for August?


#22: The year I turned 22

I’ve finally made it to my current age! I turned 22 in Bangkok and was taken out for a lovely dinner by Eight overlooking all of Bangkok.

Just before my 22nd birthday I became a part owner of a company. It’s taken over my life, in a good way, and so I don’t have anything else to add. Apart from the addition of Hamish, the cutest Hamster ever.

Just a short little post, and one cute little hamster.



#21 : The year I turned 21

One big thing happened when I turned 21, it started with a fairly small party on an island with some good friends and the year just got better and better.

First, we moved into a new bigger house, which meant that we could get more pets!

A beautiful grey kitten.

And, the cutest puppy.

It also meant that our rabbit had more room to roam.

I started a new job teaching in a private primary school, which I loved!

But, the biggest thing that happened when I was 21 was that I got married. You can read about that here.

# 20: The year I turned 20

I turned 20 on the island, Koh Phangan. Eight surprised me with a birthday cake right at midnight and the partying started. I was actually a bit depressed about turning 20, which is kinda funny to look back on. I thought I was getting soooo old!

The most exciting things that happened, that could all be posts in their own right were:

1. Travel

I left Thailand for a period of two months (it was supposed to be four, but I didn’t make it that long!). It was originally planned as a test to see if I still had the travel bug, and if I actually just needed to push myself to leave Thailand, so that I could see how strong my relationship with Eight was, and if Thailand was the place I wanted to stay long term.

a. England

I first went to England, met up with some amazing people that I met while working in Thailand, and had such a great time! I also went to visit my sister, as she was living there for six months. It was a great holiday.. and I would have been happy to have gone straight back to Thailand after those 3 weeks.


b. Italy

After England, I went straight to Italy, where I was teaching English to a filthy rich family. They owned a house by the sea side in a very small town. It should have been a great experience, but I was homesick for Thailand and cried every night on Skype to Eight about how the family was awful and how I hated everything about Italy.

In all fairness though, the family were crazy! I was primarily teaching twin boys who were 7 years old. They were given sachets of sugar! To eat raw! They also had a bottle of heated milk that they were given each night. They were so badly behaved, it wasn’t funny, including hitting a waiter when he had used the same spoon to scoop out vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream!

It was definitely an experience, and I’m glad I went as it showed that my relationship with Eight was definitely strong and that I loved Thailand!


And, they are the charming young boys!

I left early, and couldn’t wait to get back to Thailand! I was sooo excited when I was in the airport and couldn’t wait to get on the plane. But, my flight was delayed for 48 hours. The longest 48 hours ever, and it made the whole trip back to Eight that much longer! Not fun at all.

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