Photo Friday

Has it really been a week since I lasted blogged. Life has been pretty hectic at the moment. I’m preparing to go travelling for work, have had a lot of Uni work to finish and trying to find time for a social life too. Here is a photo of where I’ll be spending the next week for work. It’s a hard life.


#22: The year I turned 22

I’ve finally made it to my current age! I turned 22 in Bangkok and was taken out for a lovely dinner by Eight overlooking all of Bangkok.

Just before my 22nd birthday I became a part owner of a company. It’s taken over my life, in a good way, and so I don’t have anything else to add. Apart from the addition of Hamish, the cutest Hamster ever.

Just a short little post, and one cute little hamster.



#21 : The year I turned 21

One big thing happened when I turned 21, it started with a fairly small party on an island with some good friends and the year just got better and better.

First, we moved into a new bigger house, which meant that we could get more pets!

A beautiful grey kitten.

And, the cutest puppy.

It also meant that our rabbit had more room to roam.

I started a new job teaching in a private primary school, which I loved!

But, the biggest thing that happened when I was 21 was that I got married. You can read about that here.